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We begin the process by talking on the phone or through email about your specific goals and priorities for your new bike.  During this initial contact you can find out more on what I have to offer as a custom framebuilder.  We will discuss your thoughts on what you would like and I will inform you if this project is within my scope of expertise.  This is a great time to ask any questions you may have about the overall process.


If you decide that you would like to place an order with me. I ask for a $1,000 deposit to secure your spot in the queue.  I accept payments through paypal and by check.  Paypal payments can be sent to my email address:

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After the deposit is made, I will collect your fit information.  I will need your personal body measurements and your current bike fit numbers.  It’s best to have somebody help and to average multiple measurements.  I would love to do a fitting in person.  However, I understand that this is not always a possibility.

During our fit interview, I will ask you a series of questions about your riding style and preference on fit.  I’ll also be inquiring about the satisfaction of your current fit.  If you have sustained any injuries, I can build you a bike that will help to reduce the pain.

I’m also willing to except a fit sheet from a qualified professional fitter.  I will however, want to apply my own geometry to make the bike handle the way we have discussed through out the process.


The next step is to start designing your new bike.  One of the first things we need to decide is what the bike is going to be used for.  This will determine handlebar style, tire clearance, brake choice, chainring and crank size, and fork length.  We’ll discuss your preference on parts and any extras you plan to install on the bike.  If you have a specific build kit in mind, I can put together a price for the group.

Next is the decision between steel or titanium.  I will cover the trade-offs of each material until we narrow down the choice that is right for you.  While we are discussing material choice, we will also determine your desired chassis stiffness.

Now that we have covered fit, usage, tubing options, parts selection, ride stiffness, and aesthetics, we began to draft your bike.  I will send you a CAD drawing of your frame, so we can get a feel for it’s overall dimensions.  I will revise the design as many times as needed to really dial in what you’re looking for.


Once you sign off on your design, your frame will enter into the build queue.  I will contact you when your build slot is ready to inform you that I’m starting your bike.  I will be in contact with you throughout the entire process. 


While I’m building your bike you will have time to pick your color scheme.  I suggest reviewing my social media outlets to gather some ideas.


Once the bike returns from paint, I will send you an invoice for the balance due.  It is at this time, that I will assemble your bike if you selected a frame kit as well.  As a builder, I enjoy and prefer to keep you involved from our first conversation to final delivery.  I also hope that you stay in touch with me after your bike is complete.  I would love to add your ride photos to my gallery.