Mid Travel 27.5 Full Suspension

This bike is replacing another bike I made in 2014. I tweaked the geo and frame features. This bike has room for 2.6” tires and an adjustable amount of rear travel. Geometry details include a 65.8 hta, 78 sta, 1220mm wheelbase, 430mm cs. Nice all around numbers for riding a bit of everything.

I also revised the suspension layout for increased anti-squat and a more progressive leverage ratio. It now features a metric sized shock, which weren’t an option back in 2014.

Both the Fox 34 and DPX2 rear shock are setup for soft off the top feel but ramp up quickly to aid in boosting the bike.

A 175mm dropper and low stand over allow the rider to interact more when descending.

This bike is built to be agile and engaging to ride. Smaller 27.5 wheels and moderate geo allow the bike to be more reactive. However, the 140mm rear/150mm front travel and 1220mm wheelbase are still enough to get you out of trouble.

I built a similar bike like this years ago for a good customer. After he received the bike, he referred to it as the trail ninja. While I don’t use model names, it has managed to stick as an internal nickname. I think it hits home on how this bike rides.