Shop Updates:

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog, but there’s been a lot going on lately.  For starters, Casey (our daughter) turns 4 months old tomorrow.  It’s been great being a parent and help raise a child.  I’m watching Casey most days until she gets a little older for day care.  That leaves me with a nights, a few days during the week, and weekends to make stuff happen in the shop.  Due to the time restraints, I’ve moved my shop.  In the process of setting up my new shop, I also acquired some new tooling.  This new tooling will save on production time and help build bikes more efficiently.  I’m very excited to start building again.  I’ve got some really cool bikes in the queue.  I’ll be sure to post photos.

Casey playing peek-a-boo with a blanket given to her by a customer. Thanks George! This photo was taken last week.

The good news is all the electrical has been run.  I have 220v power to all of the machines and the welder.  While the electricians were here, I had them add a heater and upgrade my lighting. That should make those cold/dark days better.

I scored a new milling machine that will be dedicated to cutting either chainstays or seatstays.  I’m currently doing a deep clean on this bad boy.  Once I’ve got it shined up, I’ll mount some fixtures to it.

During the move, I said goodbye to rest of the frames I built while at Strong Frames.  I’ve kept a lot of these frames over the years due to sentimental value.  The scary thing is, I threw away even more frames/forks when I moved from Bozeman to Hailey.  They all had serial numbers so I could see what year they were built.  I gave each one a good look before I threw it away.  It was an eye opener to see the progress from frame to frame while comparing serial numbers.

Some of these frames where used for experimentation over the years.  Things like: how hard is it to break a steel fork, how firmly can you clamp a seattube in a park vise before it crushes, let’s see if I can break this suspension pivot, how hot can you heat a tube with a torch and no flux, let’s see if I can snap off this dropout, hey I can reuse these cable stops on my next full suspension prototype, downtube in a vise anyone?, you know just the usual stuff.

I’m still torn on what to do about NAHBS.  I would like to go because it’s fun to travel and meet liked minded people who love custom bikes.  But I’ll be real honest, the timing and the distance from where I live isn’t ideal.  I would have to make a lot of sacrifices to attend the show this year.  This is mostly due to the fact, that my shop isn’t done and I have customer bikes to build.  I would have to back burner customers who have been waiting in order to build bikes in time for the show.  My other option would be to take customer bikes.  The trouble with that is, I don’t have every style of bike I like to display on order.  I’m also not excited about sending paid for customer bikes across the U.S. on a shipping pallet. At this point in time, I’m leaning towards not going.

Here are some customer build photos from this fall.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Wow, Erik. Casey is darling. Congrats to you and your family. Your best build ever!