The badges will be offered in white bronze, yellow bronze, and stainless (in order per the picture)

The Headbadges are here. They are going to be offered in three metal options: yellow bronze, white bronze, and stainless. The two bronze options will patina over time, the stainless will not. The badges can either be attached to the frame via double sided 3m tape or a two part epoxy for a lifetime hold. It would also be very easy to predrill two holes and attached it to the bike with small allen bolts.

I preordered 20 badges in this first run. I’ve set aside a few for bikes that are at paint, but I’m going to be offering these for sale to previous customers. There are a few of the earlier bikes that the metal headbadge wouldn’t cover the painted one. The badges are roughly 1.5″ squared. They are preshaped for two different sized headtubes, standard 1 1/8th and 44mm.

The badges will be $50

Here is what I have left to offer for sale

5 – 44mm White Bronze
5 – 1 1/8th White Bronze

2 – 1 1/8th Yellow Bronze

3 – 44mm Stainless
2 – 1 1/8th Stainless

I’m going to be ordering some more next week as I’m already out of the 44mm yellow bronze. If anybody would like to preorder a badge, feel free to email me. They can be made in 2 weeks.

Headbadges are here!

New Headbadges


4 responses to “Headbadges”

  1. marTIn says:

    Way cool Erik and definitly well worth the wait

  2. Thomas says:

    Dibs on a 1 1/8 stainless steel

  3. Renato says:

    Great Erik