Dan’s Titanium Road, Ken’s Coupled 29er, Don’s 29er and some Cross bikes:

Here is some of the stuff I’ve been working on since my last update. First up is Dan’s road bike, it’s a titanium frame with my ultegra kit and an Enve 2.0 fork. Dan had me upgrade the bar and seatpost to Enve and I laced the wheels on this on using the newer T11 hubs from White Industries to a pair of Hed Belgium rims using DT Aero Comp spokes. Dan also opted for the brushed finish upgrade.
Dan's big titanium bike
I chose White Industries T11 hubs for Dan's wheels
I like the new logo on the Hed rims.
Spring time

Ken’s coupled 29er and seatpost are back from being media blasted.
Ken's Coupled 29er

Don’s 29er is just about done. It’s going to be a complete bike with a very nice build on it. I’ll post some pictures once it’s all done.
Don's titanium 29er just about done
Time to put the bridges and cable stops on

I also finished up this pair of Cross race bikes designed around Enve disc forks.
A pair of steel cross bikes ready for paint

Eric’s disc allroad is on it’s way back from the painters too. He went with a classic color scheme and a couple of new logo ideas. I’ll make sure to snap some pictures when it comes back.
Eric's disc allroad is on it's way back from paint.

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