Price Increase on Frames:

I will be adjusting my pricing a small amount due to changing costs at my finishers.  I’ve been slowly adding more and more details to the paint and finish details overtime and I can no longer carry these costs.  I’m going to be offering my old pricing until Sunday February 24th (last day of NAHBS).  If you’re on the fence about placing a deposit, now would be a good time to get it in and save a few bucks.  My wait time is also increasing due to a rush of orders in the last two weeks.  I have current wait time listed under the order tab, but I will most likely have to adjust it out after the show.

New Pricing on Frames effective February 24th:

Steel – $1,500

Titanium – $2,600

Stainless Steel – $2,700

Full Suspension – $2,400





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