Fritz’s 27.5″ MTB:

Fritz’s bike is back from Spectrum with a fun combintion of colors.  Fritz also order one of the new Rock Shox Revelation 650b forks and a King headset to go with his frame.  This frame is headed off to Germany where Fritz has the rest of the parts waiting.


2 responses to “Fritz’s 27.5″ MTB”

  1. Renato says:

    oh wow!
    142×12 rear
    zs 44
    and this great color( fat chance!)
    between classic and modern
    this is also art erik….!
    i need money for a 29er hardtail 😉
    maybe end of 2013 erik
    cheers from switzerland
    und Fritz
    herzlichen glückwunsch zu diesem schönen zeitlosen rahmen!

  2. Fritz Riedl says:

    Hello Erik,

    this pics – what a appetizer !!! I hope we’ll have a great indian summer in bavaria to make some miles on this iron-horse. >Thanks for your craftsmanship, your patience. You made me a hardtail with all the bells an whistles one can expect from a bike of that kind.

    Renato, you are right: Chris Chance inspired- “one mans work is another mans play”. You should know that we have a great spot for mountain biking in this part of the country. You are welcome to check it out. Two
    Alliance bikes side by side……