Cheers from Switzerland……….:

Renato said it best when he sent me these pictures.

5 responses to “Cheers from Switzerland……….”

  1. renato says:

    I’ve now ridden 400 km with this amazing bike
    I love the ride on and offroad
    I like the feeling, it makes me very happy
    100% satisfaction Erik!!! Thanks a lot!!

    p.s 9100 grams with heavy wtb tires
    It’s no problem to go under 8500 grams;)

    this rocks!
    cheers from switzerland renato

  2. Bernhard says:

    Erik, Renato,

    This Bike is probably one of the nicest i have ever seen.

    I remember the first call from Renato(a very good friend of mine). He told me about this Project.
    I thought, oh dear what kind of Bike?? An Allroad?? Actually i knew this from my beloved Subaru, but what the hell …. 😉
    Few month and uncounted emails later Renato and me spent a great evening building up this beauty and talk about the whole fancy bikeworld.
    Dear Erik, dear Renato, for other People this is “just” a Bike, for me it is a piece of art created by openminded Peoples.
    I’m very proud to be a little part of it… proud to have such a friend.

    Keep on rollin’

  3. volker says:

    this is a real beauty!

  4. Alex D. says:

    hope to see it live next year!

  5. Renato says:

    Dear Freaks
    After many rides
    I say one Word
    Spirit 🙂