Renato’s Adventure Bike:

Renato’s bike is designed for pavement, dirt and gravel roads, light touring, and some singletrack too.  It has fender mounts front and rear thanks to the Whiskey Parts carbon disc fork.  It also has rack mounts in the rear for extended days in the saddle.  Renato went with titanium for it’s lighter weight and durability.  He added a Paragon 44mm headtube, low mount disc dropouts, and s bend chain/seatstays.  He has quite the impressive collection of parts gathered at this point.  Not to mention, Spectrum Powderworks is painting a classic set of Emerald green panels on the frame.  It’s going to be a very nice build.  Renato lives in Switzerland, so I hope he sends me a lot of pictures.

4 responses to “Renato’s Adventure Bike”

  1. Thylacine says:

    I love how All-Road / Adventure bikes are becoming so popular.

  2. renato says:

    Great frame for a man with soul and patience.
    thanks a lot Erik! great distinguished art:)

  3. g. says:

    Hi Erik,

    great concept and nice pictures! Which Whisky fork exactly are you using on this bike? Disc brake and fender mounts sound tempting!