Reed’s Double Butted Ti 29er:

Reed’s got it all going on with this bike.  Double butted tubeset, Paragon rocker dropouts, s bend seat/chainstays, and a 44mm headtube.  It’s designed around a 120mm fork with aggresive geometry.  The chainstays are adjustable between 425mm to 442mm.  Reed lives in California, but he came up to take delivery of his new bike.  Reed and I had the chance to get out on some great rides while he was here for four days.  The bike is built with a Rock Shox Revalation fork and my XTR kit with a few substituions.  Reed selected Hope Race X2 brakes, a Chromag stem and seatpost qr, and one of my new titanium seatposts that I’m going to be offering soon (more on that later).  As built, the bike weighs 23.6 pounds with XTR pedals.

3 responses to “Reed’s Double Butted Ti 29er”

  1. ian says:

    Whoa. Butted tubes, eh? Let’s talk about that when you have time. That thing looks great.

    • Erik says:

      Yep, I usually upsize the diameters when I go double butted, so the weight savings isn’t as big sometimes. You still get some weight savings, but the bigger diameters increases the torsional stiffness and the thinner wall still lets the bike ride smoothly. It’s a really nice feeling with today’s wider bars/stiffer forks when the front end feels rock solid. This frame with the rocker dropouts (which add around 120 grams over a geared dropout) weighs 3.6 pounds

  2. Reed says:

    This bike gets better every ride. I find myself hitting jumps and hammering climbs without ever thinking about the bike. It is that much of an extension of my body. As much as I love to “tech out” on all the awesome details that make the bike what it is, when I swing a leg over it all I want to do is hammer!

    Thanks Erik!