NAHBS Bike #1:

Throughout this week I will post pictures of all the NAHBS bikes so everyone that isn’t attending the show can check them out.  For everybody that will be at the show, please swing by booth 213 to have a look.

Over the last few years I’ve had a lot of interest in the allroad/rain bike/ dirt road bike/ all-arounder or any of the other names out there.  It’s a style of bike that can be hard to pinpoint exact traits.  I like to build mine up with a nice cobble style geometry if you will.  They aren’t cross bikes, but they aren’t stage race road bikes either.  In order to clear the larger tire, but still use a caliper brake, a special length fork has to be used.  Wound Up makes a carbon option, but for the most part I’ve been making steel forks for the frames.  I just love the way the steel forks ride on the rough roads.  To be honest, it’s a small weight penalty over the carbon offerings.

This particular bike combines some of my favorite tubing, parts, and geometry.  The bike uses a double oversized front triangle, but features thin .7-.4-.7 walled tubing.  The larger diameters give the bike great torsional stiffness for maintaining your line over washboard and broken pavement, but the thinner wall thickness softens the ride.  The feel is direct at the pedals and handlebar, but it isn’t overly jarring.  I like to use a beefy pair of chainstays for a fast response, a 28.6 seat tube to accept a 27.2 seatpost without a shim, and a pair of 16mm tapered seatstays.  Frame options include headtube rings and s bend seatstays for flowing lines that blend into the rear brake.  The S bends with the unicrown fork are a perfect match to my eye.  Speaking of the fork, it’s built using Deda fork blades with a 13mm tip at the dropout end for a supple ride and a True Temper ultra light steer tube to keep the weight low.  Fender eyelets front and rear ensure this bike can live in wet climates or serve double duty as a bike to ride to work.  I kept the bottom bracket low, and extended out the chainstays and the front center to soften the ride and increase stability, but not to the point of it being sluggish.

I picked out a full Shimano Dura-Ace group for this one.  I selected a compact crank and an 11-28 cassette so that you will have plenty of gears no matter how steep those old logging roads get.  My favorite pair of Grand Cru long reach brakes provide the stopping duties.   These are the stiffest and sexiest thing going for this style of bike.  No mushy brake lever with these stout brakes.  The wheels are comprised of Chris King R45 hubs, DT Swiss Supercomp spokes, and Stan’s Alpha 340 rims.  The wheelset tips the scales at 1350 grams, which will  feel great when the road points up.  I mounted a pair of Challenge Parigi Roubaix tires that measure 29+mm wide for lots of grip.  The bike has clearance for 32c cross tires or 29c road tires with fenders.  A Ritchey WCS cockpit provides my favorite handlebar shape, a solid gripping 25mm offset seatpost, and an aluminum stem with clean lines that looks right on a modern steel bike.

The paint scheme is something that I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  The base coat is a nice olive green with ruby red and black logos.  I selected my script logo and added the ghost panel theme.  A few small headbadges are placed throughout to add some red pops here and there.  In order to keep the green from looking too O.D. I had Spectrum add a gold pearl topcoat that lights up in the sun.  I envision this paint scheme looking it’s best with a nice coat of grim applied.

This bike is available for purchase.  The new owner can either pick it up after the show on Sunday or I can ship it to your location.  Full retail pricing on this bike is $5,150 but the show special pricing will be $4,250.  If you have any question please feel free to call or email me.

Enough already with the chit chat, here are some pictures

5 responses to “NAHBS Bike #1”

  1. Kyle says:

    Bike looks awesome, I really like the detailed write up before the pictures, kinda feels like reading an article while looking at bike porn.

  2. Tim says:

    Another knock out gorgeous bike.

  3. Duke says:

    Looks sweet Erik, the paint turned out really good-not what I envisioned when you told me about it. Hope the show is going well.

  4. sn says:

    Wow. Gorgeous is right.

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