29ers and other Updates:

This week I’ve been working on a couple of 29ers for Nahbs.  The first one is steel and also has a 100mm x 0 degree stem.


The second one is titanium


The steel bike is designed around a Fox Talas 120mm/95mm fork.  It has a 34.9mm tt, 42mm dt, 31.8mm st,  22.2mm round chainstays, and 16mm seatstays.  The unsagged headtube angle is 68.6 degrees at the full 120mm fork setting.  The chainstays are 431mm actual/426 effective with 56mm of bottom bracket drop.  The titanium bike is designed around a Fox F29 100mm fork.  It built with a 34.9 tt, 44.5mm dt, 31.8mm st, 22.2mm chainstays, and 19mm seatstays.  Geo highlights are 70.5 headtube angle, 74 seattube, 435mm chainstays, and 60mm of bb drop


Both bikes have 44mm headtubes for tapered steerers.  Pretty much status quo around this shop on mountain bikes.


Rafael’s wheels are ready to go.  I love what the wider rims do for tire volume!

Family Photo

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