Jeff’s Double Butted Ti Road Bike:

Jeff’s bike is a tried and true road frame designed with climbing in mind.  It features a double butted front triangle to scrub weight.  We selected s-bend chain and seatstays with a slight slope in the toptube (6 degrees) for a modern look.  I also bi-ovalized the downtube and ovalized the toptube to keep with the theme.  Jeff is outfitting the bike with Campy Super Record, Enve 25 wheelset, and an Enve 1.0 fork.  I’m hoping it meets the UCI weight limit all said and done.



4 responses to “Jeff’s Double Butted Ti Road Bike”

  1. Thylacine says:

    What, no offset butted headtube?? ;o)

    • erik says:

      No lathe 🙁 Add ti headtubes to the list of reasons I need one. I’m starting a donation fund, email for details.

      I do internally relieve the headtube when I ream for the headset. You know for that little extra weight savings 🙂

  2. Mr. Fly says:

    What’s the price premium for the DB front triangle and from whom were those tubing from?