Another War Axe and a New Stem:

I’m just about done with another War Axe cross bike.  I’m waiting on some silver so I can finish the braze-ons.  That shipment should be arriving tomorrow.


Since I had some down time, I decided to build a stem using traditional parts.  While the new Paragon stem parts are all the rage, they are a bit heavy and all the stems look the same.  Luckily the Paragon parts look great, and they certainly make building stems easier.  That being said, I still like the clean old school look of a closed face stem if fast bar changes aren’t a priority.


I mitered the handlebar binder up into the extension piece for a cleaner look. I would have preferred to brass braze the binders, but this was only a rough prototype to see how I liked the look.

I could have integrated a cable hanger into the stem as well.  However, I plan to weld disc tabs on this bike over the winter and ditch those canti’s!

2 responses to “Another War Axe and a New Stem”

  1. Tim says:

    Super stem erik. Are you able to do diagonal cuts for the clamping parts (steerer and bar face too?) The kelly stem i had painted to match my alliance (for use with an easton carbon bar my favorite!) marked the bar. With the binder up front for the bar, could you put a diagonal slot in there for me? and one in back to match? i think it’d look ‘unique’ and be really functional. Closed face for clean looks but carbon bar/steerer friendly. Thoughts?

  2. Thylacine says:

    That would still mark the bar, just diagonally. You just have to make sure all the sharp edges are rounded off and that the clamp portions of the stem aren’t too thin as the outer edges are not very well supported.

    ps: Can I have one of those stems, Eric? 120mm, 0º, 31.8 bar, 1-1/8th steerer? Ta!

    pps: Love that crank setup!!