Tubeless Wheels:

I just received a new set of Stan’s Alpha Team wheels.  It’s the first pair that I’ve seen in the flesh and I’m very impressed.  The Alpha Team is smack dab in the middle of the road wheels available from Notubes.  The wheelset weighs 1325 grams and comes with the special yellow tape and valve stem installed.  This is the stock wheelset with my Ultegra, Force, Athena, and Chorus build kits.  I also offer the rim laced to a pair of King hubs as a choice with some of my higher end build kits.  The wheelset also includes a pair of Hutchinson tubeless tires which are available in both a 23c or 25c size.  If the mountain bike side of the industry is any sign of things to come, road tubeless will overtake conventional tube type tires.

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